Baker-Landis wedding

On Saturday, July 7, Amy and Gary had their fantastic barbecue picnic. On Sunday they got married at St. Gregory’s. Here I am posting pictures I took during the service, for all to enjoy but especially for Amy and Gary to download:


Baker-Landis wedding — 1 Comment

  1. I’m struck by what a leap of ‘not knowing’ getting married is. As I look around the group gathered, I see people with marriages that didn’t turn out the way they dreamed, people who wanted to get married but didn’t, people whom the law bars from marriage, people who have grown together over enough years that neither is really the person who ‘took the leap.’ There’s no conclusion to reach there that doesn’t seem trite or simplistic, but I can feel the courage of choosing to bind ones life to that of another — including the whole community/family/work/past that comes along with it — way deep down in my gut right now. It’s good to be on the journey together with Amy & Gary, JK, J & B.

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