Curriculum Vitae

CV as of spring, 2012 (US letter format)

What this CV does not reflect is my upcoming work: a two-week intensive planning course at Kabul University, which was just approved by the joint committee of Architecture professors at Kabul U, Kabul Polytechnic U, and the Aga Khan Trust for Culture (the funder).

I have also been hired to teach the introductory urban studies course (USP 200) at SF State and the Cities in a Global Society course during the two summer sessions.


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  1. Hi! It is Katie Shepherd who was in your class in Spring 2010. How do I email you? I don’t remember my user name or password.

    I got a summer internship in the Presidio. Thank you for all your support and help. I would love to get back in touch with you.

    Thank you so much for your help in the six month process to obtain an internship this summer! I am currently working at the Presidio Trust as a planning intern! My program has been designed by environmental planner, Allison Stone, who is Associate Director of Trails & Philanthrophic Projects. I am working on evaluating trails with Amy Deck who is the project manager. I am also researching the new lighting for Fort Scott, keeping in mind the historic and environmental nature of the site. As an example, my mentor, Project Manager Genevieve Bantle, has given me the Master Plan for Yosemite to read about their lighting plan. In addition, I am participating in multiple volunteer programs which include everything from going on field trips with the archeology interns to weeding invasive plant species.

    I look forward to being in touch with you this Spring when I graduate from Mills College. I am considering in enrolling in the UC Berkeley summer program, [ In] Land to acquire studio skills and further explore Landscape Architecture and urban design.
    Thank you,
    Katie Shepherd

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