Love and Justice

[Written on the day that the Supreme Court overturned DOMA and dismissed the Prop 8 appeal, enabling the expansion of marriage-rights in California.]

Today I can wear my wedding-ring with pride.
Today our wedding-vows are affirmed.

Today, Love triumphed. The black-robed ministers of justice acknowledged the higher power of Love and the recognition of commitment, pushing aside all other reservations.

Justice reveals herself to us. Her radiance is Love; not prejudice, not fear of something different. Though Love may be constant, Love also provokes inevitable change; it opens our souls to face the unexpected.

Today I can say to my children that marriage is about that commitment to Love. No exceptions. Today, the shadow of cruel discrimination begins to lift. Justice smiles upon marriage, blind to the gender of those who commit so completely to each other.

When we stand together as a community to bear witness to a new marriage, we are often called to renew our own wedding vows. For men and women who have long enjoyed the right of marriage, today stands as a tremendous affirmation–a strengthening–a renewal of our own commitment to marriage.

Today I wear my wedding-ring with PRIDE.

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