Panorama from Safi restaurant

8 May 2007 / 18 Saur 1386

Shahr-e Naw (New City) is redeveloping dramatically these days. Dawn Erickson led me to the top of a building that didn’t exist four years ago and I photographed this panorama of the central part of Kabul:
Kuh-e Sher Darwaza

View southeast. Kuh-e Sher Darwaza, middle; Kuh-e Asmayi, right; Char ray-e Haji Yacoub, bottom left.

Kuh-e Asmayi

View southwards. Kuh-e Asmayi, background; Char Rah-e Ansari, middle distance.

Kuh-e Ali Abad

View southwest. Kuh-e Ali Abad has informal housing up half the slope. Middle distance: Shahr Ara fort.

Kuh-e Afshar

View west. The blocky building on the hill is the Hotel Inter-Continental.

Kolola Pushta

View northwest. Back: Kolola Pushta fort. Forground: all-new buildings in Shahr-e Naw.


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