This is the website of Pietro Anders Calogero, who finished his PhD at UC Berkeley in City and Regional Planning in 2011. Much of the site is devoted to resources for studying Kabul, where I did my dissertation fieldwork. That said, topics range from cartography to urban studies to urban politics. Occasionally there are also family blog-postings too, in my characteristically eccentric style.

Normally, WordPress is designed for blogging. I am going to try to use it for short essays that may some day get built out as journal articles or (InshAllah) books. I will also post attempted Op-Eds that get rejected by newspapers. I have avoided this, for may years, because it fear that blogging can be a form of procrastination away from academic writing. At this point (September 2011), though, I am trying to separate out some intuitive ideas from more fine-grained academic writing. After suggesting that I cut two pages from a journal article draft, Ria Hutabarat recently asked me whether I keep a folder of neat ideas that don’t make it into my formal academic writing. Perhaps here is the place to put them.

About the banner photo: this was taken in Mazang village, on the south slope of Asmayi Mountain, Kabul, Afghanistan. 70% of the housing in Kabul is ‘informal,’ meaning that it was built without legal permission.