XJTLU Campus Plan

The XJTLU Sustainability Working Group is developing a bicycle and pedestrian access plan for the XJTLU campus. For the moment we are nicknaming it the XJ-BiPed Plan. The planning process includes an interactive map so that all members of the XJTLU community can participate in refining the campus to make it more accessible by “non-motorised modes”: bicycling and walking.

We want to encourage students, faculty, and staff to arrive and leave from the XJ campus by the most sustainable means possible. To encourage sustainable modes of movement among our campus community, we need to maximise the attractiveness of non-motorised choices through small refinements to the campus. These range from curb cuts, to redesigned pathways, to bike shelters, to modified paving. Since most of these changes are very small and location-specific, we have created an interactive, zoom-able map to show exactly where these changes are needed.